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Here are some pictures of other people
using their J1772 Plugs and Inlets

Ben converted an Avcon DS -50 to work with his Leaf and put up some of his pictures on Picasaweb

Ben wrote - There was indeed an extra step involved.  It turns out that all 5 wires are needed, at least for the Leaf they are.  The first 3 are straightforward.  The fourth wire (blue, I think) is the pilot wire, and I simply hooked it up to the blue wire in my DS-50.  There's an approximately 25V AC signal on this wire, according to my voltmeter, and this matches what is present on the level 1 charger provided with the car by Nissan.

The 5th wire needs a 150 ohm resistor connected to ground inside the DS-50.  I found this out from my friends in the EAA.  Supposedly, the standard also calls for a 330 ohm resistor in series with the trigger button on the connector, although my setup seems to work fine without it.

Fred Behnings has a converted bugeye and he is going to hook up the J1772 Adapter box in it so that he can use the EVSE he bought for his Leaf.


Avcon ICS-200

Steve bought a Plug with no wires and changed out the AVCON head for a J1772 Plug. He shows how he configured the wires inside the Plug. Here are some pics, go to the website for more